Monday, 25 June 2012

Weirdest Thing I Saw This Weekend

By far the weirdest thing I saw this weekend was a re-usable condom from 1948. That's right. Re-usable. Urgh.

Visiting the Science Museum has been on my list of things to do in London for ages, so I was excited to finally get my geek on and take a look at what they have to offer yesterday.

This crusty gem is part of The Science and Art of Medicine, an exhibition of terrifying instruments and artifacts from medicine from the last few centuries.

There were some truly horrific tool boxes with saws and clamps from the 1800s, items for leach therapy and forceps that looked like instruments of torture.

Much of the exhibition put the fear of God into me and I felt thankful to have been born in an age where medicine is so advanced and doesn't involve cutting people and letting them bleed in order to relieve pressure in the body.

So it was with some relief when I found this little rubber beauty, still sitting in its original box, complete with instructions.

The re-usable condom

After use you simply wash it in tepid water, towel dry and you're good to go again.

As museum exhibits go, this one comes (ha) second only to the steam powered vibrators I saw at New York's Museum of Sex.

I'm so grateful to have been born in the '80s.

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