Thursday, 3 May 2012

Challenge #4: Sarah vs Rollerskating

Out of everything on my list of things to do before I turn old and decrepit, this was the challenge I was mostly looking forward to. I loved rollerskating when I was a kid and was completely fearless on them, but would I still feel as brave at 29?

I hadn't had my wheels on since about the age of ten, but I was quietly confident that it would be just like riding a bike and as soon as I put those boots on I'd be away. By the time we got to Rollerworld, in Derby, I was so excited I nearly peed my pants. Yeah.

We're here!

My roller ladies... Lucy, Laura and Mandeep.
Note Lucy's sash, which reads Birthday Princess and she trashed within five minutes of us entering the building. She had been drinking before we got there. She's Scottish. Nuff said.

Super excited

My wheels

Birthday girl takes flight

Daren't let go

 Happy Laura
 Mandeep wasn't as confident on her skates as Lucy and I, note the terror in her eyes

 Ta-da - I can stand!

 What I think I look like: Ellen Page being hot in Whip It.
What I actually look like: An old lady on wheels who moves like she's shat herself.

Mandeep putting on a brave face

The ass shot

Action shot

 Getting the hang of it

Lucy had a massive complex about having odd skates on, so obviously I have to draw attention to them.

There they are again, those odd boots...

All in all it was a really fun afternoon and has inspired me to sign up for roller derby lessons, starting in July. Watch this space!

Verdict: WIN!!!

FYI - On the way home I got ID'd buying vodka in Sainsbury's, which was almost as awesome as the rollerskating.


  1. What an awesome day this was - we're not that impressed with some of the photos though missy xx

  2. hahahaha love it! The photos are funny! Was an awesome day even though I was a bit petrified but great experience!Lol @ the comment 'An old lady on wheels who moves like she's shat herself' haha

  3. It was so much fun I wanna go again! The photos are good, they're funny!!! They're not as bad as me eating sushi. xxx