Saturday, 12 May 2012

Challenge #5: Sarah vs A to Z Blogging Challenge

Aka my A to Z Challenge Reflections Post

A Summary...

Pledging to write 26 posts and blog every day throughout April - minus the Sundays - was always going to be tough considering I have no internet access at home. No, I don't live in the early '90s, I just can't afford such a luxury, meaning I had to be super organised and find the motivation to write before work, in my lunch hour and at my parents' house at the weekends, which on some occasions was really difficult and resulted in me banging my head repeatedly against my desk in frustration.

The Tough Bits...
I work in PR, so the majority of my working day involves writing, but not being able to give my brain a break really showed on certain posts I think. They'll be the ones where I simply went for a 'top five songs beginning with the letter...' post, which gave me the chance to share some of the music I love, but admittedly were pretty lame. Sorry about that.

You can probably guess what the tough letters were though, right? Yeah, you got it, the dreaded K and Q. Although I surprised myself by doing ok with X (is for X-rated) and Z (is for Zines), but I feel I could have done so much more with them if I'd allowed myself more time.

Good Moments...
I'm proud to say I made it though and I seemed to have survived without having a complete meltdown, which seemed unlikely at the time. Despite best intentions and plans to have the majority of my posts written before the challenge started, I limped into April with just a couple of posts prepped and spent much time panic writing in the spare moments I could snatch at a computer.

I wish I could have done it differently and I think if I'd had more time to write the posts they may have been more informative, but I know myself all too well and if I'm honest, that was never going to happen. It was always going to be the case of flying by the seat of my pants. I'm just that kinda girl. However, I did manage to get every post up on the right day, so I'm really stoked about that and have since rewarded myself with a celebratory gin or two.

I'm also so grateful to everyone who stopped by, left a comment, offered words of encouragement or support and have kindly started following me. I'm aware I talk a lot of shit, so thank you for your patience and for caring. You've made it such a great experience.

My Best Bits...

I go on way too much in them, but my favourite posts included P (is for Punk Pilgrimages), R (is for Record Store Day) and W (is for Women Who Rock). I think it's because they really meant something to me and they were the ones I really put some work into, so I hope people got something out of them.

What I've Learned...

That sometimes a little planning helps and occasionally more coffee doesn't. I have a slight anxiety problem, so topping up my stressed out little brain and increasing my heartbeat with more caffeine just created additional panic and got less writing done. Next time I'm bringing gin to the party instead. I might not get more work done, but it'll certainly be fun.

And of course, I'll start working on my posts much earlier. Yeah, right...

What I Would Do Differently...

The same as everyone else: start writing earlier, visit more blogs and plan my posts better.

I found it really hard to trying to visit all the blogs on the list and got nowhere near visiting all of them. If I didn't make it to yours I'm really sorry and if I did visit, but didn't comment, I'm sorry about that too.

What I Found...

I did discover some great blogs along the way that kept me chuckling, lifted my spirits and made me go 'wow', if you haven't clicky-clicked your way to them yet, go take a looky-look:

* Dina Thanki

* A Daft Scots Lass

* Art of a Hidden Heart

* Mandeep Bohgan

* Completely Unoriginal Thoughts

Overall it's been fun, as well as a little stressful, but it's shown me that I can do things when I put my mind to it and I'm really glad I took part as one of my things to do before I turn 30. It's certainly something everyone should try at least once, regardless of age, and you may even see me on the list again next year.

Verdict: WIN!


  1. You go girl! I congratulate you on completing the challenge, it was exciting bit did get stressful towards the end. For next year, shall we start planning in Jan, let's say over an alcoholic beverage or 6. If we met once a fortnight we would be fine? X

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  3. OMG! Thanx for the shout out. I found some brilliant blogs too and I too felt I didn't have time to prepare for each day's posts. Most were thrown together in about 15 minutes. Fekking shabby or what? I'm not a blogger's arse but I continue to write my drivel anyway...

    I deleted my previous post because I didn't check my grammar and spelling and cocked it up again.

  4. Congratulation on finishing the challenge. I didn't visit all blogs during the challenge but, cross my heart, I'm visiting every single one with reflection post! I am so glad my journey brought me here.

    Evalina, This and that...

  5. Dina - I think next year we should do a joint a to z of alcohol. You can draw it and I'll write reviews/stories. It could be messy and even painful, but it would also be fun!

    A Daft Scots Lass - You are welcome, your blog kept me laughing all the way through. And I always read it with a Scottish accent in my head, swearing is so much more effective in Scottish! I'm glad I wasn't the only one throwing my posts together in blind panic, everyone else seemed so organised.

    Evalina - Thank you for visiting and for your kind words. There are so many blogs to visit I think it might take the rest of the year, but I'm sure we'll both get there!

  6. :D Thanks for the mention!! Somehow I've only just got to seeing this.
    I'm not so sure about that a little planning helps that much... I had a little planning but there were still days that I was drawing at 11.30pm wishing I had everything drawn before it all started!

  7. aww you added me on your list! i feel privileged! well done on completing it, seems like ages ago now! But we did it wooooo!Don't know what to do for the next challenge now...