Monday, 25 February 2013

Challenge #21: Sarah vs Star Wars

I've never been one for going out on New Year's Eve. I've probably done it a handful of times in my almost-30-years and there's never been any remarkable about them. I find I encounter enough knobheads on a night out anyway, but the amount of orange flesh, cheap looking slags and scummy lads seem to increase significantly on this occasion.

My way of welcoming the New Year usually involves a DVD, a lot of food and some of my favourite beverage, so this year I decided I would watch three films back-to-back. I was going to tackle the Star Wars original trilogy boxset marathon.

Now I realise there is no possible way to make a blog post about me watching three Star Wars films interesting, hence why I'm writing this in February. So, here are just a few photos that show what happened that night...

It's 6pm and I'm feeling good about this challenge.

Essential tools for a Star Wars boxset marathon:
 a Star Wars boxset, a full tin of Quality
 Street, a bottle of gin and some tonic water (not pictured).

Sarah's top tip: pace yourself on the gin
otherwise you will be asleep before 9pm

Two thirds of the way through.

Feeling sick...

I can't feel my arse. So much time has passed
 I might even be 30 already.

2am: Is it over yet?? Please can I have my life back now.

I took the BBC's Star Wars quiz afterwards and got
9 out of 15, which isn't a bad score
when you consider I
 was off my face on sugar and gin.

Verdict: WIN!
p.s. I love Star Wars, but I'm never doing that again.

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