Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Challenge #26: Sarah vs Golf

It's a cold, wet, miserable and windy morning in February. I have a week off and by rights should be horizontal on my sofa with some punk rock blasting out of the stereo, a good book in one hand and a steaming cup of coffee in the other. Instead, I am stood in a soggy field trying to hit a ball with a stick.

When I added 'play a round of golf' to my list of things to do before 30 I envisioned blue skies, blazing sunshine and ice creams. I thought it would involve sun cream. Unfortunately, the summer of 2012 was heavy on the vile side and heavy on the rainfall, which is why I had put off the task. If I had known it would mean playing golf in the drizzle on a February morning I think I would've gotten it over and done with earlier.

So here I am at the Melton Mowbray golf course at 10am. 

Ready to tee off.
I've got all the professional gear on,
leopard print wellies and skinny jeans.

I took many chunks out of the grass.
I put them back though.
I know you're thinking it must've taken
me ages to tee off, but after missing
the ball completely the first time I
actually hit it on the second attempt.
I was impressed even if you're not.

It's in!

Wow, it only took 16 shots to complete one hole - I'm a natural!

This was on the second hole.
At this point I got bored and pretended to play
polo on an imaginary horse.
I don't need drugs to have a good time. 

I made improvements on the second hole and
managed to get it in with just 12 shots.

Confession time...

I known I said I was going to play a round of golf, but it took me over half an hour to play two holes. TWO HOLES! Plus it was cold and damp, so I called it a day after just the two. I still gave it a go though and did try really hard, but it is quite difficult to hit a ball with a stick. It's also not the most thrilling sport. Maybe in the summer it's more fun, but I don't recommend playing it for the first time in this weather.

Verdict: I gave it a go, so I win.


  1. I think you 'win' just for the imaginary polo playing :)

  2. Just read the post as I grabbed my attention :).
    Sarah half an hour with and two holes you got isn't that bad, I did one in my first try in two hours, lol.

  3. It’s too bad that you didn’t complete the round, but it looked like you still had fun despite the uncooperative weather. Maybe you can add “playing one round of golf” as one of the things you need to do before you turn 40 because it’s only a matter of days before you turn 30. Just make sure it’s during the summer months! :)

  4. You’re hilarious Sarah! Even though you only played two holes, you were quite positive about it (or was that being sarcastic? Haha!) At least you took great pictures of your experience! Although, yes, I agree, golf isn’t exactly the easiest sport out there. You really need to get a hang of it. I do hope if you decide to give it another shot next time (when it’s sunny) you would be able to finish the course.

    Kaden Gill