Monday, 16 April 2012

N is for New Discoveries

Festivals offer one of the best opportunities for discovering new music and over the years I've stumbled across some beauties while standing bleary eyed in various fields around the country. Here are some of my favourites:

That Fucking Tank - Leeds Festival 2009
I've always loved the moniker, but as this Leeds duo consists of just a drummer and bassist, I'd had my doubts about how well they could hold my attention. A completely unfair judgement on my part. Drums and bass they may be, but there is no 'just'. That Fucking Tank are truly captivating live, full of fierce riffage and worth checking out for more reasons that just their name. Intrigued? You should be - go worship at the temple of the Tank.

Kvelertak - Leeds 2010
Norwegian, scary looking and very beardy, Kvelertak had been strongly recommended by a friend - Metal Steve - and with very good reason. Like weighty riffs? Like it fast and fucking heavy? These guys have just the right balance of furious rock n roll and metal attitude to tick all the boxes of good music.

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  1. Fucking awesome name for a band. I'll check them out tonight at home when I have sound.