Tuesday, 17 April 2012

O is for Over But Not Forgotten

It's always sad seeing your favourite bands split, especially when they kick fucking ass. But since the music lives on, here's a couple of bands that are over, but deserved to be remembered, to check out if you missed them back in the day...

Rocket From The Crypt

Proving rock n roll wasn't dead, this gang of punk n rollers stormed the '90s with  a dirtier take on Jerry Lee Lewis and that classic '50s sound. Not only was their music awesome, they also had pseudonyms and quiffs, which makes them far cooler than you or me. If you like this, check out The Night Marchers - frontman Speedo's new band, who still fucking rock with sleazier lyrics than ever. Ooh-er.


A trio of noiseniks from Buckingham, Crackout fused together punk and rock to create a racket of loveable lyrics and damn sexy riffs. I was lucky enough to get to know these guys back in 2001 and they kindly put my name on the guestlist to see them supporting Weezer at Shepherd's Bush Empire when all the tickets were sold out.

This is a video for one of their most addictive tracks - You Dumb Fuck - and right at the end where singer, Steven Eagles, can be seen waving (at 3.17), he's actually waving at me and my mate at Rock City in Nottingham. Fact.

If this appeals to you, take a look at their most recent incarnation, Out of the Afternoon.

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