Saturday, 28 April 2012

Y is for YEEEAAAAH! (James Hetfield-style)

Urban Dictionary defines Metallica's James Hetfield as having coined the phrases 'FUCK YEAH' and 'WOHOH', although I think the latter may belong to The Misfits... However, it's certainly true he has an obsession with shouting 'yeeeaaahhh', with it creeping into recorded songs, live performances and even while partaking in the old band-to-audience banter.

The habit has even mutated into some sort of plague amongst the crowd, with gig goers unable to resist the urge of joining in with this verbal tic. In fact, if you go and see these guys live, you'll hear murmours of 'yeeeeaaaahhh' uttered compulsively throughout the evening, they just can't keep it in. Currently, there is no known cure for the disease.

If you think I'm making this shit up, check out the 'yeah' counter below...

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