Tuesday, 24 April 2012

U is for Underdogs

Dog Toffee were one of the most awesome bands to come out of Manchester in the late '90s-early '00s, but sadly their brand of fearsome punk 'n' roll was too intimidating for most of the city's music fans. Worshipping Elvis while their counterparts worshipped The Smiths or Oasis, and rocking turned up jeans in a city where most people favour the tracksuit, Dog Toffee were sadly always going to be the underdog.

They made some amazing records and played some killer shows, but called it a day in the mid-00s to tattoo and pierce the good people of Manchester. These days you'll find them at 72 Tattoo.

Here's a couple of awesome tracks from them, altogether now 'WOOOOOAAHHHHWOOOOAAHHH'

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